Sometimes we forget what life is all about…

Eat but make sure you enjoy what you are eating

Drink but be aware it the essence of life

Love (from the bottom of your heart) but make sure you love yourself first (which for me – at least the moment – seems to be so difficult)

Simple rules or guidelines, easy to follow but easy to forget as well when life takes over. When all the daily tasks, worries and fears take over and we get lost in what we think is a normal life.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been searching for the meaning of life and thought there must be something special waiting for me. But I feel there is a reason why (call it the universe) has offered me a second chance in life. Which actually is my third chance considering my first breast cancer experience as my second chance – how amazing this thought is!!! Lucky me!

I’m blessed as I’m living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world: Devon! Where nature is inviting me for walks to enjoy the countryside and beach whenever I’m up for it. We might fear the outcome of Brexit but actually we are living in a safe country, I’m able to buy the food I like and I’ve got the skill to prepare a meal which is very often enjoyable sometimes even exceptional nice!

Haven’t won the lottery and can’t afford a luxury car but I’ve got a place I call home and feel at home with a garden, hot water and central heating. And a view to enjoy after a long day at work:

What I’ve lost over the years is the awareness how lucky I am. And to be grateful for it!

I can’t describe what’s in my mind but I feel as I’m lucky and I should use this feeling as a wake up call for myself but to inspire and share my feelings and thoughts in order to spread some seeds (as a gardener would say). But more like a dandelion would do:  dandelion have flying or drifting seeds that depend on the wind to carry them through the air!

Why this means a lot to me? Have a look at my blog I’ve written a while ago about my feeling being like a dandelion. It just comes all together – just takes it time!

I’m looking forward for whatever comes in my mind and allows me to grow. I’ll promise I’ll share my thoughts, feelings and inspirations with you – if you want!

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  1. Nachdenklicher Beitrag! Alles Gute, mach es in deinem Sinne weiter! LG Ursel

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